Scribblings From the Past

Some of my various writings...

(Blurbs still under construction...)


  • My First Week at a Startup
    I only stayed there a little over four months. But I learned much about how not to run a startup...
    (I've moved this to the top, as it is an oft-requested piece from friends)

The College Years

  • Second C-Clamp Floor
    Sleep deprivations of an astrophysics major (at the time). What more needs be said?
  • Sleep? What's That?
    Yet more on sleep deprivation (more directly, this time).
  • Loneliness (To the music of Billy Joel's Honesty)
    A not so flattering look into my psyche of Sophomore year...
  • Koriyin
  • Final Exam

My Father

       My father died on February 5th, 1990. I withdrew from the university for the rest of that school year, to deal with the loss of one of my heroes, and to help the rest of the family rebuild our lives.
       Here is the memorial I wrote for a (Princeton) Class of '46 memorial book (for all those of their class who died that year). I do not currently have the actual obituary I wrote for the papers online, yet.
       However, I am proud to say that papers such as The New York Times, Newsday, The Washington Post, and several other prominent papers, chose to not only print his obituary, but to dedicate as much as a half a page to him, some even with a picture.
       Clearly, I was not the only one who missed him.

       In May, 2000, my close friend, Wendy, also lost her father. It started me thinking, and I wrote a short essay on life and death after spending a couple of hours comforting her over the phone.

High School

Random Sampling of Writings By Other Authors

Random as in "what I have run across whilst traveling the web and internet" (And yes, there is a difference betwixt the two.)
  • Jack London's To Build a Fire
    I grew up with my father reading me tons of stories by authors such as Jack London (The Seawolf, White Fang). I still hold those stories dear to my heart.
  • Another story I fondly remember him reading to me was O'Henry's The Gift of the Magi.
  • And a fun little macabre poem he used to love to tell is Robert Service's The Ballad of Sam McGee.
  • Rainbow Connection
    I know most people can't get past the initial reaction of ignoring songs sung by frog puppets, but it is really a quite beautiful and meaningful song. As are most of the brilliant ideas and stories from Jim Henson. His death was a truly tragic loss.
  • One Moment In Time
    One of my favorite songs by a band some friends of mine put together back in college. I followed their performances in New York and New Jersey for a while, until I moved to the West Coast. They, sadly, seem to have lost the magic as they grew too involved in the "making a success of it" part of things.
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