What Do I Do?

Currently relaxing and catching up on longtime interests, such as learning the piano.  Also learning how to repair and maintain my new house (well, new to me — built in 1984) and my old car (1976 Mercedes 240D — my parents let me choose the color when I was a kid).

However, I am also starting to look around to find my next job, one which I hope will be inspiring and in which I can expand my management skills and wisdom.

After years of heavy-duty programming in more languages than I can count on two hands, I am looking for a position which lets me be part of the vision side of things, rather than implementing others' visions.  I want to work on projects, products, and/or services in which I believe, and which I would actually use.

My last full-time position was as a key member of the executive team of a small, private company, which I enjoyed greatly.  Unfortunately, due to unlucky timing in regards to funding (Spring of 2000), we had to sell out to a large, heavily bureaucratic company, in whose products I had no interest.

I especially love brainstorming sessions, and find my greatest strengths are in interacting with people.  I have held low, middle, and executive level management positions.  The executive level is definitely prefered — not for the perks (although those are nice) but for the degree of control I gain over the direction of the company and its vision.  As well, I gain the authority to actually make things happen.  This greatly helps blast through unnecessary red tape — red tape which shatters the momentum essential to morale and essential to achieving something which is worth the effort, in time to matter.

Ideally, my new opportunity would be in the North Puget Sound area, as my wife and I now own a house just north of Seattle (from where we frequently drop in on Vancouver, BC — we've been there so often that even when we still lived near San Francisco, we were invited to the "regulars" party at our favorite restaurant in Vancouver, Milestones).

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