My Home Systems

The systems I currently run at home:
  • acorn (homebrew P4(631)/3GHz [EM64T, G965]: WinXP Pro) — Liked the mobo and cpu for my new RAID server so much, I upgraded my increasingly flaky primary box.  A friend had a capture card lying around, too, so I can finally digitize my old VHS tapes (prom, college graduation, home movies, etc. — deal was I digitize some of his, such as the Jeep ads he is in).  Love having two monitors (Dell 2000FP + SGI 1600SW) — looks like my eVGA card could handle up to 32, if I go nuts at some point...
  • arachne (homebrew RAID server, P4(631)/3GHz [EM64T, G965]: FreeBSD/amd64) — finally have to build a replacement for my trusty old internal server, as it has maxed out on disks and has started to have erratic hardware issues (it is 7 years old).
    Update, May08: Unfortunately, the clock chip seems to have gone wonky. Loses about 7.2 seconds per hour.
  • arachne (old) (homebrew RAID server, Celeron/766: FreeBSD) — my trusty old file and sandbox server, it is the master copy for all the websites I manage. RAID-1 plus removable snapshot drives gives me better backup and recovery than most small businesses (and maybe even some large ones!)
  • G4 PowerBook (Apple G4 PowerBook: MacOS X) — my wife's laptop, bought with a nice discount when the local Apple Store was clearing out its PowerPC floor models for the Intel Macs
  • lachesis (WinBook XL P233MMX: FreeBSD) — still running great, despite its encounters through the years with beer, yogurt, walls, driveways, etc. Just wish I could find a way for it to support more RAM.
  • rutan (Dell Inspiron 8000 (with a Latitude C800 motherboard), Win2k) — gorgeous screen, when it works, but the rest of the machine is a piece of junk!
  • falcon (homebrew P2/350: Win2k) ("falcon" — as in Millenium Falcon, because it is a hodgepodge of pieces from as far back as 1984, but it works)
  • sandbox (homebrew K6/200: OS du jour [Linux, FreeBSD, etc.])
  • flotsam (SGI 4D/25TG: IRIX — well, once I find replacement OS install tapes... anyone have a copy of IRIX 4.0.5F lying around?)

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